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In Southeast Nashville, churches and organizations came together in a great symphony of oneness and formed Southeast Nashville Recovery. From managing home clean outs and rebuilds, to feeding people who couldn’t even cook a meal for themselves because their homes had been devastated, many of us worked in the community to help our neighbors get back to a new normal. In the summer of 2012, after completing work on 312 homes, we completed what we had been asked to do.

But we were changed. We saw what it looks like to cross all kinds of preconceived barriers and join hands with each other and work for a common cause.

Food Pantry

The children were everywhere. They were running and yelling and playing and occupying their time. Their parents were waiting to get the food needed to take them a few more days into the future. Most of them waited a minimum of two hours to be served.

When a box of food goes out to a family, it can give them hope for a better tomorrow. It can provide a sigh of relief to a single mom or a senior on a fixed income. It may hold an answer to a difficult problem or point to resources that provide longer term solutions. It may lead someone to a job or an educational opportunity. It may be the light needed in a very dark place and the breath of fresh air someone needs to keep going. Someone may learn to read because they needed food and that box was a bridge to other help.

Food for the stomach; hope for the soul!

  • Over 410 boxes of hope and light go to our neighbors each month.
  • The pantry is open Tuesdays 4 PM-6 PM and Saturdays 9:30 AM-11 AM, 50 weeks per year.
  • Families who live in zip codes 37013, 37211, 37217 can receive food one time per month. An ID or bill showing proof of address is required.
  • Fifteen or more volunteers are needed each pantry day to assist clients through the process of intake through loading their vehicle. Families shop and choose the items they prefer. 
  • The Branch is able to give each family 10 pounds of meat, beans, rice, pasta, sauce, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, and bread, plus additional food items, for less than $2.80 per family through collaboration with Second Harvest and the support of food donations.

English Learning

The Branch has helped people from over 50 countries, many of which know very little English. Statistics published by Metro Social Services show that 41%-52% of families in our area speak a language other than English at home. Three of the Metro school districts in our region have the highest population of English learners at around 40%. A lack of English proficiency is a significant factor affecting a person’s income-making ability.

Traditional English classes are available in five levels meeting 4 hours per week, morning, mid-day, and evening. Beginner, advanced, and intermediate levels of Intensive English (8-9 hours per week) are available both day and night. Tuition prices range from $80-$375 per semester dependent on the level.                                    

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Our neighbors come from around the world!

“Thank you, Branch of Nashville, for giving me the opportunity to learn English.”  

--Mo Jone Dough