Loving Your neighbor as yourself

We help struggling neighbors build a better future for their families. We help them and, in so doing, we are lifted up as well.

Loving our neighbors means seeing them, knowing them, and helping them make a better tomorrow. 

Every story has a villain, a challenge, and a hero. For some of our neighbors, the villain is poverty. The challenge is finding the right solution and resources to help people move into the better future they imagine. The hero is THEM and the hero is YOU! You, walking with Them as we all do the work of a community.

About our community

The Branch of Nashville is a place for struggling families and individuals in our community to find support and solutions. We serve a diverse community of people with many ethnicities represented. Along with volunteers, donors, churches, and businesses, we serve together to meet the needs that ultimately strengthen us all. The enemy is hunger, fear, and miscommunication. The answer is patience, love, and hope.

Projects & Outreach

Since 2010, we have found the following three programs to be most vital to our neighbors.

Food Support

Meeting our neighbors usually occurs at this point.

English-Language Education

Helping displaced professionals speak English.

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Job Assistance

When basic needs are met and English is spoken, earning a living wage or more becomes reality.


Hear the interesting stories from our community members.

Although she studied English at a university in Iraq, when Taghreed and her family arrived in the U.S., she spoke and understood very little English. 

Because of this, not only was communication difficult, but also people had difficulty seeing her fun and vibrant personality.

Taghreed enrolled in intensive English classes, and two years later, she speaks English, translates for other Arabic-speaking students, volunteers as an English tutor, and was recently hired as an assistant teacher for our new reading class. Students, staff, and visitors love Taghreed's friendly and outgoing personality and enjoy watching her grow!

Erika moved to Tennessee from Mexico. She has studied in our traditional English program for years. She is currently active in her children's school and serves in her local English-speaking church. Recently, she became a citizen of the United States of America! Now, while Erika continues to study in our advanced English class, she also serves as one of our English program's administrative assistants.